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An unmanned probe touched down on a comet for the first time on Wednesday, as the European Space Agency’s Philae lander successfully negotiated a perilous seven-hour descent from its Rosetta mother ship on to the irregular nucleus of Comet 67P.一个无人驾驶的探测器周三首次在一颗彗星表面降落,欧洲航天局(European Space Agency)的飞到号(Philae)着陆器顺利与母船罗塞塔号(Rosetta)分离出来,在危险性中上升了7个小时,最后在彗星67P的点状中心降落。 … Continue reading【欧冠在哪买球】人类探测器首次登陆彗星


3.Marks Wife Priscilla Chan Is Even More Private than He Is3.马克的妻子弗西亚·陈比马克还高调The irony of the couple at the heart of the biggest source of personal information in the world being extremely private is amusing, and even Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, can see that. Chan recently gave one of her first and only interviews on The Today Show where she revealed a number of things about herself and her husband. Chan was a grade school teacher and is now a medical school graduate and hopes to become a pediatrician. She lives a very humble life considering she has been attached to one of the wealthiest and most controversial figures in tech for the last 13 years. Chans parents left their home country in a refugee boat seeking a better life for themselves and their future children, and she is the first in her family to graduate from college. Education is very important to her and she and Mark have announced that they are donated $120 million to improve Bay Area public schools. Priscilla admits that the couple want to have kids, but their busy lives mean that they will be putting it off for a while. Besides, they already have a child named Beast, a Hungarian sheepdog who has 1.8 million followers on Facebook and possibly even more hair. Priscilla jokes that Beast is Zuckerbergs number two priority after Facebook. She finds it strange that the public has so much curiosity about her because she is just the daughter of an immigrant family training to be a doctor, and that is how the people in her life treat her. She laments that it is sad that the public do not see her husband as she knows him, and Priscilla describes Mark as funny, thoughtful, sensitive and caring.这对夫妻想在个人信息最易泄漏的城市中心保留极为的个人隐私真是是可笑、嘲讽,而他们也意识到这一点了。 … Continue reading3_欧冠在哪买球